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September 14-28, 2010
Egypt Pictures

I cannot begin to describe everything we saw
and did on this trip. From the Pyramids, Temples,
Tombs, Mosques, Nile river cruise and everything
in-between, incredible. The add-on to Sharm El Sheik,
Petra, snorkeling the beautiful reefs in the Red Sea.
Another impeccable experience is all I can say..
I do have to mention the fun Bob Rummell and
I had golfing..Shared a lot of laughs..
A huge thank you to Waleed Zayan our Egyptologist, for
sharing his vast wealth of history and love for his country.
To all my new and old friends, it is always a pleasure
exploring new sights and sounds together..
Respectfully, Bob

Great smoothly run tour of Egypt.
Your choice of accommodations was superb.
The Nile river cruise was an enjoyable plus.
I was thrilled to see all of the sites I longed to see since 1968.
Waleed was a very informative tour guide. His historical
explanations of all the sites was educational and memorable.
See The World Tours has always been a first class tour company
and I would recommend it for any future tours.
Jeff Grubb

This was a GREAT trip.
I am still in love with everything we did,
meeting all the people I did, seeing everything,
experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event.


Thank you for all your hard work on the Egypt trip.
It certainly showed. I think we saw every major aspect
of Egypt there was to see. Waleed our guide made the
Egyptian history come alive. The Nile, Aswan, Valley of
the Kings, Abu Symble, Petra Jordan, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.
A fantastic trip of a life time.
"Sukkra" Sam, (Meaning Thank you in Egyptian ).

The Warmest Thank You to everyone
that traveled with me on this trip.
Sam Jordon
Trip Leader

Just wanted to say Thanks for a Great Trip to Egypt,
and the quick trip of The Holy Lands was very nice too.

Thanks Again, Joe

Thank you for all your hard work on the Egypt trip.
You planned and carried out a first class trip,
which for me was the trip of a lifetime. I can't thank
you enough for this trip. We saw and did everything in Egypt.
We had a first rate guide in Waleed and a first rate tour director
in you. We stayed in first class facilities, had excellent food, great
buses and saw and did it all.
Thank you so much, you were great to be on a trip with

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