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China Tour 2012

May 10 - 25, 2012

Hi Sam,
The China pictures are great.
It was a fabulous tripÖprobably the best Iíve ever experienced.
Every day I think of something different we saw or did.
Iím so glad I went.

What a wonderful trip to China!
It was beyond our expectations!
Thank you so much for coordinating all
the many details that made it so wonderful!
We so appreciate you!
It was a pleasure to meet you and
to spend the trip with such a nice group!
We certainly hope that we will connect with you again.
You feel like a long term friend--in fact,
remember I told you that I knew from the first time
I heard your voice that we were going to get along!

Sam, thank you again for such a great trip-
-it was a great value and a trip of a lifetime!
Keep in touch--we hope to see you again soon!
Faye & Warren

Thank you for organizing and co-ordinating another wonderful trip!
Lonnie thinks China was even more spectular than Egypt.
I must say Egypt & China have been my BEST Trips EVER.
We do appreciate all the work you do to enhance our whole experience.
Sam, Thank you again. Looking forward to our next adventure together,
Carol & Lonnie

The Mag-Lev Train (431 km/hr)

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