China 2007

If you have a group that would like to go to China, CALL US.

Now that I've returned from China, thinking back over all the wonderful things I saw and experienced, I want to thank you for all you did to make that happen for me. It couldn't have been easy shepherding 45 wandering sheep for 16 days, being on call 24 hrs. a day. Sam, you're a class above the best. Always smiling, always positive. It's a real pleasure to know you. I also appreciate the efforts of all the other people who were a part of assembling this all-inclusive trip of a lifetime. I hope to travel with you again sometime.

Best Regards, Lorraine Lipinski
Wow! The trips looks great! I passed it on to people who were so impressed with our experience. We won't be joining you on the cruises but if you put together any other fabulous trips like China, please let us know. You did an excellent job planning our trip and herding all 45 of us cats from place to place. Thanks for a great time.

Janie Bowers

Sam...Put me on the list for the Peru tour in 2009. I have had this tour on my "to do" list for years. Good to hear your are doing it. You did such a great job with the China tour I can't wait for Peru.
Jeff Grubb

Thank you Sam.
It was an awesone adventure. So many new friends, I will cherish many fun moments in many different airports, museums and temples. Most of all I thank everyone for being so kind. We saw many many fantastic sites.

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