Iceland Cruise
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Cabin Numbers have NOW been Assigned.
Please print out your Cruise Luggage Tags!

Please consider purchasing Trip Delay & Trip Medical Insurance.
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You "MUST" Register Online
with Royal Caribbean Cruiselines
before we leave!

Online Registration

      Please e-mail or call me at 330-793-6543 for your Shipboard I.D.   You need to have your I.D. to register online with Royal Cruiselines.
      Also, call me before we depart for our trip to check if our flights have had any changes to times or flight numbers.

Call Sam for your Shipboard I.D. number.

      After you have your Shipboard I.D. Number, this link will take you to the Online Checkin.

Information you need to Register Online:

1. Your Passport number and expiration date.
2. Your Credit Card and expiration date for personal expenses.
3. Our Cruise Dates are August 22nd to September 7th on The Vision of the Seas.
4. If 2 singles in a room, you both can set up your own accounts.
5. When asked how you are arriving to the ship, click on "Private Vehicle" at 12:00pm and departing the ship at 8:30am by "Private Vehicle".
6. After you've completed your registration PRINT out your Set Sail Pass & Ship Luggage Tags, make sure you have it with you when we board the ship.

      Make sure you have your flight schedules and arrive at the airport early.

Items you Must Have to board your flight and board our ship:

1. About a week before we leave check with Sam to see if there have been any changes in your Flight numbers or Flight times..
2. Be at your departing Airport at least 2 1/2 hours before your departure on August 20th.   Security lines sometimes are very long so don't be late.
3. Do NOT go through Security until you Check-In with Sam so he knows you are here.
4. You MUST have your Valid Passport with you.
5. A Credit Card for personal expenses.
6. Make sure you have your Set Sail Cruise Boarding Pass.
7. A small tote bag for your personal items at the end of our cruise.   The last night on the cruise we will set our luggage out for the porter.

Luggage Restrictions:
      This airline charges for everything and No Meals are included for our flight.   We can load up on snacks and sandwiches before we leave.
      I've included in our ticket 1 checked bag & 1 carry-on.   Weight Limits are: Checked Bag (44lbs Max), Carry-On (22"X18"X10" Max) and 1 personal item no larger than 17"X13"X10).   Luggage is very expensive with this airline: $69.99 for 1 checked bag, $49.99 for 1 carry-on so please make sure you are within these limits or it can get quite expensive for you.

Hotel in Pittsburgh
for August 19th

      Our flight out of Pittsburgh departs at 6:45pm and we need to be at the airport NO Later than 4:15pm on August 20th.
      We have optional hotel rooms for the night before departure which includes FREE parking and shuttle.
      If interested, please call 412-262-2400 to make your reservation.   Make sure you are booking under "See The World Tours."
Click Logo below for Direstions

1160 Thorn Run Road
Coraopolis, Pa 15108
(The Old Crowne Plaza Hotel)
(Pittsburgh to Copenhagen)

Sunday, August 20th
Depart Pittsburgh on FL# WW148 at 6:45pm,
arrive Reykjavik at 5:00am
Depart Reykjavik on FL# WW902 at 6:30am,
arrive Copenhagen at 11:45am

Thursday, September 7th
FL# 3426, Depart Newark 12:05pm,
arrive in Pittsburgh at 1:35pm

Book your room early

Check-In with Sam before you go through Security so he knows you are checked in.

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to E-mail Sam at
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